Watch: Puri Jagannadh Reveals His Drug Addiction & Depression

AP2TG Staff

Puri Jagannadh is back to form with his latest movie ISM. ISM movie with Kalyan Ram is a big hit and the director is now busy with working on his future scripts. Puri came into limelight with Badri success and got a tremendous fan following for his movie making.

Being a story and dialogue writer Puri has his mark in his movies. His process of movie making is ease in nature. The director announces the release date before starting the movie itself. Due to some personal circumstances, Puri lost almost Rs. 85 Crores in movies. After this, there are rumors spread around industry saying Puri is addicted to drugs and alcohol. Watch Puri clarification about his drug addiction rumors.

Watch The Video Here:

When RK asked about drug addiction, Puri opens up his heartful feelings. After losing such a huge amount Puri didn’t think about drugs. He said: ” If I want to gain my money and previous stature back, I have to work on my future projects. I use to exercise a lot to come out of depression. I took Nagarjuna as my inspiration.We use to go to the gym together. If I become drug addict I cannot achieve muy goals. Being a director my brain is my investment so, I cannot spoil my brain with alcohol and other bad habits.”

This stands as an inspiration for youngsters who gets addicted to drugs for some silly reasons. Puri shared his struggles in this interview and passed a positive message to all the aspirants who wants to enter the film industry.