Priyanka Chopra’s Emotional Post On Nirbhaya Case Verdict Is Winning Hearts On The Internet! It Will Touch Your Hearts Too! Read Her Post

AP2TG Staff

Finally, after 5 years of Nirbhaya incident, the Supreme Court has confirmed that four of the rapists of Nirbhaya gangrape case to be hanged till death! This news went viral like a wildfire yesterday and created a stir in the nation for its great judgment.

While a majority of the people lauded the court for giving this bold decision, there are some who are not yet happy; they feel that the court took 5 years to give justice.

However, finally, everyone is enjoying the decision given by Supreme Court on the Nirbhaya rape case. Many politicians and journalists commented on this verdict; even Priyanka Chopra joined this league and made a hard-hitting post.

Global star Priyanka Chopra is a kind of actor who never fails to give her opinion on ongoing issues and so, she couldn’t resist writing about Nirbhaya case too.

The Baywatch actress tweeted a picture in which she had penned down her feelings; according to Priyanka, the court has done a wonderful job by giving justice. She feels that such decisions will curb other crimes against women too.

It seems the decision has touched her, due to which she has written a heartwarming post.

Here’s her tweet:

The post read,

“Yes, it has taken five long years, but today justice finally prevailed. The flame of this verdict should singe not just the dastardly four (of the other two, one is dead and one accused is a juvenile) but such perpetrators in India as well.
“The brutal, barbaric and demoniacal conduct of the convicts shook the conscience if humanity and they don’t deserve leniency,” said the Supreme Court while reading out the death sentence to the four accused in the Nirbhaya rape-cum-murder case. I’m so Proud of the justice system for hearing her voice.. in her dying declaration she appealed that her perpetrators not be spared.

Justice – that was what the entire country demanded five years ago and never let the nation forget. Each voice that joined the battle was strident and clear – the six must be punished. Finally, they will pay. The brutality of such crimes is something I refuse to accept!!

That, we, as a modern 21st century allow such heinous things to happen to our women never ceases to trouble me. Unfortunately, the past can never be undone. So, we move on and make a promise to ourselves. That when an entire country is unified in wanting something, the action is taken. That awakening, this unified voice to stop such brutal and demoniacal crimes, as our Supreme Court said, is what we must never let go onto mute mode.

You will never be forgotten Nirbhaya.”

We have loved her opinion on this. Hope this post makes some difference and helps in controlling the number of crimes that are reported.

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