Video: Baahubali Prabhas Serious on Rajamouli


For Telugu superstar Prabhas, it was not easy to play the dual role of a father and son in the upcoming multi-lingual two-part epic dramaBaahubali, as he had to undergo a strict diet and training regime. Recently he gave a small interview to media sharing his views about the film Baahubali – The Beginning. And there are some reliable sources saying that Baahubali Prabhas is serious on Rajamouli. There is a valid reson supporting the rumours. In frst part of Baahubali Prabhas role is not more than an hour. Hardly prabhas will be seen on the screen for less than an hour. Maximum portion of the movie in covered in flashback part. Rajamouli took more than 30 minutes to show about flashback story of Baahubali. Here is the complete details on the same.

In the earlier interview prabhas shared some of his views about Baahubali as follows:

“I am just waiting for the release of ‘Baahubali’. I am both nervous and excited about whether the people will like the film or not. I really worked hard for it especially on my physique. Sometimes I used to take only eggs for 30-40 days to get into shape for one character,” Prabhas told.

“A shot in one of the songs in the movie required me to jump from a hill into a waterfall. That shot required 25 days of shoot since, we had to train for rock climbing,” Prabhas said.

On director Rajamouli, with whom he last worked in the super hit filmChhatrapati (2005), Prabhas commented that he has grown bigger and better over the years.

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prabhas frustrated on Baahubali

The first part of the wfilm is expected to hit theatres on July 10th, 2015.