Prabhas Marriage in December ?


Young Rebel Star “Prabhas”, one of the most eligible bachelors in Telugu film industry. Is Prabhas going to marry in this December? This is the rumor now spreading in film city. As he postponed his marriage for the movie Bahubali from three years, now is ready for the marriage after the success of Bahubali probably in the month of December.

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Prabhas Marriage in December ?

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Prabhas is going to be married in this December. Now every where in film industry this is the hot topic.Earlier the family members of Prabhas said that after the completion of movie later they will be thinking about marriage of Prabhas. Now, recently in the Bahubali audio function, Krishnamraju, uncle of Prabhas said that after the releasing of movie Bahubali he is ready for doing the marriage of Prabhas. Also another rumor is that bride is from West Godavari District who is the relative of Prabhas family. If this is correct then we will be going to see marriage of Prabhas in this December.