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Power star Pawan Kalyan who doesn’t like to attend any public functions changed his mind and attended UKTA 6th Anniversary celebrations in London on 9th July. As we all know that Pawan is very fond of Indians customs and traditions.

In UKTA Celebrations  Pawan Kalyan reminded everyone about the importance of art and culture and how they are part of our lives. Pawan promised to imbibe the Telugu art and culture in his films and gave a call for the youth to contribute, embrace and encourage arts. He appreciated NRI’s for taking the initiative. Here is the funny interaction with Pawan Kalyan with NRI’s in London.

pawan kalyan in london

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Watch Pawan Kalyan Answers For NRI’s In London:

Moreover, Pawan would like to promote Indian art and literature all over the globe. In this interaction, he said his opinion about being a brand ambassador for Kuchipudi art in the coming year. Pawan said he would like to promote Indian culture and classic dance forms. he also added it is his responsibility. Hearing this everyone appreciated Power Star.

UK Telugu Association (UKTA) held its 6th Annual day celebrations and closing ceremony of “Jayate Kuchipudi” and “Jayate Bathukamma”. Stay tuned for more updates.

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