PM Modi Meets Australian PM Malcolm, Says ‘Our Decisions Are Not Subject To The DRS Review System’

AP2TG Staff

The picture that emerges inside our head when we think about politicians is something more than serious, it will be like they are about to go for a war. And there’s no space to discover in between the conversations of the popular leaders, as everything they speak really matters.

It is well known already that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has already broken too many stereotypes as soon as he entered the Parliament, it might be making fun out of rivals, tweets, surgical strikes, whatever.

Now, at this moment, Modi once again has beaten the odds by spelling some witty cricket stuff at the unexpected situation when Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has come to India to meet the Indian PM Narendra Modi for diplomatic word exchange.

Modi while discussing the relationship between the two countries roped in quick humour by saying that he is happy to know that the decisions between the political and business aspects between both the countries are subjective to mutual understandings and not the DRS reviews. He roughly referred the issue to the recent Border-Gavaskar trophy incident when two teams went on becoming furious at each other after the Australian captain Steve Smith appealed for the help from dressing room if he should go for the DRS review.

However, later, he apologised for the act and quoted it as a ‘brainfade’ moment. By taking the situation as the reference, Modi has said:

“In a lighter vein, I am, of course, glad that our decisions are not subject to the D.R.S. review system.”

Modi then praised both the teams on the game standards and went on talking about the series that happened last month. He said:

“Just last month, we witnessed a thrilling conclusion to the Border-Gavaskar trophy. In my speech at the Australian Parliament in 2014, I had spoken of legendary Bradman and Tendulkar. Today, Virat Kohli in India and Steven Smith in Australia are shaping the young brigades of cricket.”

After all, now it appears like the Prime Minister’s take on humorising the issue has helped both the countries a bit mutually. Maybe this helps both the mighty teams in aborting the controversies and spats.