Mumbai Fire Accident: Pizza Delivery Boy Rescued Over 20 People


It was a horrible experience for the residents of the Lake Homes Complex building in Mumbai which caught fire on Saturday i.e., June 6, 2015. But, 21-year-old pizza delivery boy put his own life into risk to rescue people trapped in the building and saved nearly 20 lives. It seems like someone’s decision of ordering a pizza came as a blessing in disguise.

Jitesh Ahire  rescued people trapped in the fire in Mumbai
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7 people died and 28 people were injured in a fire that broke out on the 14th floor of a 21-storey building in Mumbai’s Chandivali around 5.30 pm on Saturday. Among those killed, four were reportedly trapped inside the building’s lift and died of suffocation. The injured are being treated at Hiranandani hospital.

Eagle Boys pizza delivery boy Jitesh Ahire, went to phase 1 of the Lake Home complex building to deliver a pizza when he  witnessed the chaos there outside the phase 3 building.

Without thinking about his own life, Jitesh went into the building and rescued more than 20 people who were entrapped into the building which caught massive fire. Returning to the staircase, Ahire found four children and 15 senior citizens trembling with fear. He calmed them and led them down to safety.

Building caught fire in mumbai, June 6

“There was an electrician, a plumber, a security guard and another resident with me. We rushed to the 14th floor after we saw people shouting for help from their balconies,” Jitesh told while speaking to a TV news channel.

Jitesh and the others took the stairs to the 22nd floor to rescue the residents since the lift had stopped working. They tried to put out the fire with an extinguisher and water pipe, but they were unable to bring it under control since the fire had spread quickly.

He also said, “We made 7 to 8 trips from the 14th up to the 22nd floor, bringing people down to the ground floor so ambulances could carry them to the hospital.”

A Fire Brigade official quoted saying, “The fire started following an explosion in the compressor of an AC on the 14th floor of the 21-storey residential building in Chandivali and soon spread to the upper floors due to presence of combustible materials like wooden furniture and foam in flats.”