WhatsApp New Feature Lets You Pin Your Favourite Chats On Top

AP2TG Staff

The world’s most popular instant messaging app ‘WhatsApp’ is now gearing up to add another cool feature that will allow users to pin their favorite chats to the top on the chat screen of the app. This feature allows you to pin up to 3 chats to the top.


The ability to Pin chats on WhatsApp will be of great use, especially for those who have a numerous number of conversations from so many people. Sometimes, things can get clumsy, making it a bit time-consuming to search for your favorite chats but with this latest update, you can simply Pin your favorite chats at the top.

Pinned chats make it easy to start and track the conversation whenever the app is opened. When new messages come in, the pinned chats will not be pushed down, they will stay at the top of the conversation list.

The Whatsapp company, which seems to be working on several features introduced the live status feature recently and now it came up with this interesting feature. Though this feature is already available on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, none of the instant messenger platform offers this as of now. And, if WhatsApp introduces the pin on the top feature to its platform, it would become the first one to bring out the feature.

How to pin a chat?

  • To pin the chat, you need to long press on individual or group chat that will activate top bar menu with pin option.

how to pin chat

  • Select pin symbol and your favorite chat will find its way always on the top.
  • The feature allows the user to pin maximum 3 favorite chat threads as of now.
  • To unpin a chat, again long press the chat thread and tap the unpin icon in the top bar.

pin chat

Currently, the new feature is being tested and is in beta stage. The final roll out will begin with a stable version of the app soon. If you cannot wait to use these feature, sign up for WhatsApp beta on Google Play store from your Android phone. Furthermore, you can also download the APK File from here.

However, the pin on the top feature is now available for WhatsApp app version 2.17.162 or later.