Pic Talk: Pawan Kalyan’s cute daughter Aadhya


In the picture in Pawan Kalyan’s daughter, Aadhya. She is grown up in a beautiful little girl. She has performed on stage for one of the school functions. Her mother, Renu Desai very proud of her daughter, posted her picture on her micro blogging site.

Renu Desai also revealed that Pawan Kalyan has attended the school function and is a proud father seeing his daughter perform. “I felt that it was a more emotional moment for a father to see his baby girl dancing on stage than me as a mother :))”, Renu Desai tweeted after posting the picture.Pic Talk: Pawan Kalyan's cute daughter

Pawan Kalyan and Renu Desai were divorced and she has taken the responsibility of grooming their children – Akhira and Aadhya. Pawan Kalyan still meets them occasionally and also makes it a point to attend all the important events of the kids.

On the other side, Pawan Kalyan had married another lady, Anna Lehenzva and is leading a new life. It is said that the couple also have a daughter now. In a different topic, Pawan Kalyan is expected to fly to Australia for the treatment of his ailing back very soon.