WIFI as Charger: Mobile Phone Charge Using WIFI Connection Technology by Telugu Engineer


Smartphones and tablets have become an essential part of our lives. Even in 2015, it’s tough to go much longer than 24 hours without charging your smartphone. At such instances, you may think of portable charger. However, if you forget to charge the portable charger itself, you may just be left with a zero battery life. Here’s a good news for all those who worry about their mobile charging.

New technology is going to be available soon. Electronic gadgets can be charged with WiFi connection from nearly 30 feet away which also includes internet connectivity.

Mobile charging through wifi

A Telugu engineer named Syam Gallakota worked with a team at the University of Washington, invented the technology of “Ambient Backscatter: Wireless communication out of thin Air” which converts the wifi data signals into a direct current. This type of current will be then modified into voltage using convertor and hence charges the electronic devices.


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This mobile phone charging with an wifi connection is an awesome invention. The routers designed by including this new technology are termed as PO-WIFI  which means Power wifi.

“This minimizes the impact on the associated WiFi clients, It effectively provides continuous power delivery to harvesters,”  published in a recent paper at Washington, adding, “Several number of Electronic devices have been tested alongside the new technology, including a battery-free temperature and low-resolution camera sensor.”

Technology trends are moving toward a completely wireless and mobile world, and our device chargers have followed suit. Hence, we can imagine the smart homes which will soon be filled with sensors for monitoring humidity, temperature or energy consumption, improving efficiency.