Pawan Kalyan Breaks His Silence Tweets On ‘Note For Vote’ Issue


Jana Sena Party Founder Pawan Kalyan has finally reacted on ‘Note for Vote’ Issue. After some gap, Pawan came into existing Politics with some sensational comments. When ‘Note for Vote’ case turned into huge issue, many asked him that there was no reaction from him. Many fans waited for his response about the issue. Pawan tweeted on ‘Note for Vote’ scam and phone tapping.

pawan kalyan breaks his silence

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He said that “Nelson Mandela would have had the same attitude like some of our leaders, then imagine what he could have done to South Africa and white people who made them torture for many years. But as a Leader he has choose a path of Non violence. That is the way that our leaders should follow.” However, he hasn’t mentioned any names or hasn’t supported any of the parties involved. He has chosen, Nelson Mandela as example suggested reconciling for the greater good of people rather extending the issue for no good.

Twitter Reactions:

He informed that he may call for a press meet if necessary and tweeted the same on twitter. “If it is needed I might call for a press meet by the end of this week or in the beginning of next week”.