Power Star Pawan Kalyan Open Letter To Trivikram

AP2TG Staff

Powerstar Pawan Kalyan is a newsmaker for the most of the time with his activity and attitude rather than his movies. Now the latest buzz is the open letter written by Pawan Kalyan to Trivikram. He wrote a letter to Trivikram and it is creating waves in the social media.

Seshendra Sarma, one of the greatest poets in Telugu literature requires no introduction. His book ‘Adhunika Mahabharatam’ ran out of prints for many years. No publishing company came forward to print it. The entire cost of this book’s production is funded by Pawan Kalyan.


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Pawan Kalyan Thanks Letter to Trivikram:

Going into details, it is well known that Trivikram has given an Adhunika Mahabharatham book to Pawan Kalyan and he loved the book so much that he has planned to reprint the book bearing all expenses.

Powerstar mentioned a sentence in his letter that reads ‘Wealth of a nation doesn’t mean minerals, rivers, and forests, but the youth made of dreams of minerals.’ Pawan Kalyan further mentioned a question put forth by Sheshendra Sharma that ‘will there be darkness in the country if you have boldness?’

“Late NTR made Vishwanatha Satyanarayana’s book ‘Ekaveera’ into a movie out of his respect for his guru. Now, Pawan Kalyan who has been mentioning my father’s poems in speeches has created a new history by bringing out this book,” Satyaki wrote in the preface of this book.

Pawan Kalyan thanked Trivikram and the writers son through his letter. This shows the attitude of Pawan Kalyan. This letter has been written by Pawan Kalyan himself and the date was written as 18/5/2016.

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