Pawan Kalyan Fans Shocks Ram Gopal Varma By Tweeting ‘RIP RGV’, Read His Reaction!


With his late night tweets, once RGV has irritated Pawan Kalyan fans. On September 30th, Ram Gopal Varma compared Mahesh Babu Twitter followers with Pawan Kalyan twitter followers. In his series of tweets, he presumably said that Pawan fans and followers are illiterate’s compare to Mahesh fans.

Pawan fans have no idea about what Twitter is; it is the reason for Pawan Kalyan lacking behind Mahesh Babu in followers race, he said.

The comments of RGV didn’t goes well with Pawan fans and some angered fans tried to irk him in social media. They made a picture of Ram Gopal Varma’s demise and posted it on social networking sites.

Pawan Kalyan Fans Circulates 'RIP RGV' Pictures On Social Media

This image has a heading of “Ram Gopal Varma’s sudden death”. It followed with “Cinema Industry is Happy with the death of RGV. Everyone is in celebrations.”

Ram Gopal Varma reacts on RIP RGV Picture.

He tweets about PK fans English

RGV’s request to PK.

RGV about RIP RGV picture

Asks to learn from Mahesh fans.

His request to Mahesh fans.

At last he concludes

He suggested Pawan Kalyan to work for the development of his own fans rather than farmers, because farmers never bought his tickets.