Pawan Kalyan Fan Fools Puri Jagannath & TV9 Anchor In Live Show (VIDEO)

AP2TG Staff

TV9 Varadhi program helps Telugu people across the globe to interact with the celebrities in AP & Telangana. They can also talk with politicians, telugu film directors and actors. This is a live program and the timings are 00:00 hrs.

The citizens, as well as students from US Canada Mexico and other states are allowed to call to to this program. No local calls will be connected. The calls can be either from Skype or phone. Here is a small video from Varadhi program where a fan fooled Puri Jagannath and TV9 team and he reveals the secret at the end of the video. Here is the video below.

Fan Fools Puri Jagannath & TV9 Anchor:

Here the twist is the fan who interacted with Puri Jagannath is not calling from US. This is a local call and he fools them by making them believe that he is calling from Princeton, New Jersey, in order to make them connect the call to speak with Puri Jagannath. Actually he is from Hyderabad.

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