Pakistani Senior Player Waqar Younis Makes Controversial Tweet Taking A Dig At Women’s Cricket And Got Slammed! After Serious Bashing, He Finally Gives Clarification!

AP2TG Staff

Male dominance, discrimination and prejudice towards women are the things still haunting our society. It’s high time we stop treating women as the weaker sex. They have always been blamed and ill-treated by the male dominance hierarchies. But, now the time has changed.

No matter how patriarchal the society is, women have now learned how to take a stand for themselves. More and more women are now standing up to end this long war of the sexes.

Women are standing strong and successful proving themselves that they are not less than men anymore in this competitive world. Maybe in Sports, Educational fields and any other special talents, they are growing very fast. However, there always some section of people who try to back bitch them.

And the recent one was Waqar Younis, the former head coach of Pakistan Cricket team. He made a controversial tweet on women’s cricket team recently.

Women cricket players are literally rocking the World Cup 2017 with back to back amazing matches. It’s not just the teams who are scared by other, but the reporters are also confused about the questions they need to ask them.

Everyone looked with wow on their face when the captain Mithali Raj gave a mouth shutting reply to a journalist when asked her about her favorite male cricketer. She blatantly broke the male hierarchies and showed women confidence on the field and off the field too.

But the Pakistani senior player rather in a sarcastic way suggested that ICC must reduce the number of overs for women’s matches from 50 to 30 per side.

This is what he tweeted:

Did he mean that women players are incompetent and wouldn’t be able to play for 50 overs? Although he didn’t mention the reason clearly, his words were enough to invite backlash.

As expected, Twitter which will never spare even if you speak just one wrong word thrashed him because of his controversial tweet on women’s cricket team. Many people expressed displeasure and reminded him that women are no less than women.

Don’t want to give equal treatment?

They can survive!

Zer0 tweets from you!

They are creating records!

Ridiculous question!

After receiving severe backlash on Twitter, Waqar Younis had no option but to give a clarification about it. He was forced to justify himself; here’s what he said now…

What do you feel? Do you agree with his clarification or do you feel that his intention was to discriminate? Share your views in our comments section below.