Outlook Expresses Regrets To Smita Sabharwal – “No Boring Babu” Eye Candy Cover


India’s leading and prominent monthly magazine ‘Outlook’ gives a sigh of relief for Telangana state chief minister Ka Chandra Shekhar Rao Addl. Secretary and IAS officer Smita Sabharwal. Outlook magazine responded back in short duration to the earnest bureaucrat of Telangana state Smita Sabharwal sent a legal notice to the well-chosen monthly publication.

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Outlook Magazine Makes Smita Sabharwal Happy Regretting for Malicious Cover

A cover story and report published by Outlook magazine in the recent issue describing Telangana state bureaucrat as an s “eye candy” basing her close association with Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandra Shekar Rao, has apologised Smita Sabharwal.

Smitha Sabarwal Fires on Outlook Journalism:

Smita Sabharwal, Telangana state cadre bureaucrat was outraged to see such a disparaging and derogatory report on her describing her eye candy to the diplomats. Smita Sabharwal sent a legal five-page legal notice with the aid of her lawyer Rachna Reddy to Outlook magazine stating that “Smita Sabharwal’s hard work, dedication and her excellence at her chosen profession are washed away by the mere fact of her being an attractive, young and successful woman who has also accomplished quite a lot professionally, owing to her dedication and perseverance.”

Five-page legal notice to Outlook magazine briefed that IAS officer Smita Sabharwal was “utterly flabbergasted, shell-shocked, angry and extremely disturbed by the article.” T-CM’s additional secretary Smita Sabharwal admonished Outlook magazine that she wouldn’t step back to file a criminal if failed to respond to the legal notice in 15 days which is sent by them.

The IAS officer said, “I want Outlook to apologise to women across the country, this is an insult to women in general. It is a matter of professional pride. I have spent 14 long years in service. The write up hurt very badly. It made me think if they can do this to a bureaucrat, who is doing a serious job, possibly women across will be subjected to this sort of yellow journalism… and we must step up and put an end to it.”

Outlook magazine stepped forward to state it’s ruefulness. Outlook magazine officially apologized and regretted for publishing the snippet titled “No Boring Babu” in the ‘Deep Throat’ column which described the Telangana states figure of authority Smita Sabharwal as eye candy on July 6, 2015 issue of Outlook.

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Outlook — Regret  Outlook  to smita sabharwal

Outlook magazine failed to name newspapers, TV news channels and websites have carried news of a legal notice purportedly issued by a bureaucrat in Telangana. Outlook magazine’s correspondent in Hyderabad has been subjected to vile and personal attacks, and her physical safety has been threatened. Outlook stated officialy in its online edition as,

“It was part of satire carried in the magazine in the usual course, was not intended to be derisive or derogatory, and was meant to be received in a lighter vein. Being being conscious of sensitivities, Outlook has taken down the satirical piece entirely. Outlook expresses regret if any offence has been taken.”

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