OMG !!! Baahubali Breaking Records in Overseas


Baahubali, India’s biggest motion picture is going to release world wide on 10th July 2015. Advance bookings have started already. It is breaking all the records. For the first time ever in Telugu film industry it is hitting 2000 screens. Not only in India, but also in overseas it is re-writing the records. Baahubali has created much hype throughout the world is such a way that, it seems to release in Hollywood range around 150 screens in US. Moreover the online booking demand is same in US as in Telugu states. Now, getting a Baahubali is an achievement to the people.

Baahubali - Sensational Breaking Records in Overseas

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In United states of America especially in Dallas about 50,000 tickets have booked already. This is the first time a Telugu movie that has a huge demand in US. Also, in one day the tickets were booked for 8 shows which was never seen before. Not only in Dallas, the same situation repeats every where in US. In US also there are Premier Shows for Baahubali. The cost of ticket was increased but people who are eagerly waiting to watch this film are buying without looking back at a high cost.

Baahubali the prestigious Indian movie is directed by S.S.Rajamouli and the main features are Prabahs, Rana,Anushka, Tamannah and all well known characters. It is a two part movie and ” Bahubali- The beginning” is going to release on 10th July 2015 in four langauges (Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Malyalam) for which all the people are waiting eagerly.