OMG!! 10th Class Student Married His Class Teacher


A student who is studying 10th class married his class teacher. We often see these scenes in the movies but at present this is the situation. Recently in Tamil Nadu a student named Ajith,  a minor boy who is studying 10th class in government school loved his class teacher vyshnavi also the teacher loved him and married. This is the issue now going viral in social media.

At first both the parents did not accepted but later after their permission, Ajith and Vyshnavi got married in a temple in Tamil Nadu. Although, the boy is a minor with age of 14, he married his class teacher and everyone accepted for their marriage.

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All says that Love is Blind and it is proved with their marriage . Most of the people are discussing that, Did teacher said about the school syllabus or love lessons? Board of education are investigating on this case and asked the government school Head Master to give the information related to this issue.