[Watch Video]: Om Swami Was Being Brutally Beaten Up By Women At Delhi’s Amarnath Terror Attack Protest!

AP2TG Staff

Om Swami the controversial contestant of Bigg Boss 10 has hit the headlines again. This time he’s in news for being beaten up by a woman at Delhi’s Amarnath Terror Attack Protest.

As we all know the self-proclaimed Godman, Om Swami has often been in the news for making distasteful comments on his co-participants; even though Bigg Boss 10 is over now, every now and then we see media reports about the “Baba”. He almost sounded like another version of the most hateful KRK.

Earlier, this Baba was beaten up at public events badly; when he was a chief guest at an event in Delhi, he was thrashed by the people and it went viral on social media at that time.

And now, it seems the man gets beaten up almost wherever he goes. Yes, once again he has been beaten up in public but this time by women where he had gone join in the candle-light march in the Capital held condemning the Amarnath terror attack on pilgrims.

Watch The Video:

Swami Om is beaten up by women.

Posted by FekuExpress2.0 on 11hb Julai 2017

In this video, you will see how everyone is running behind him to hit him. At the end, women attempt to beat him with chairs too, but somehow the Godman manages to save himself. Isn’t Hilarious?

People’s anger was totally justified here; calling Om Swami as a guest was a wrong decision, agree? He has been surrounded by so many controversies that he didn’t deserve to be invited.

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