‘No More Red Beacons For Central Ministers’ Vehicles’ Says Modi. PM, President And Others Exempted

AP2TG Staff

Right from the beginning of his reign, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made many historical decisions, there are multiple milestones that must be noticed and appreciated. Modi, well known for his oratories and actions, now made another move that literally blew off the contentious scenarios.

Earlier there was news heard regarding the ban on red beacons on ministers’ vehicles, the rule was already implemented in the particular states.

Following the state level ban, Modi then extended the ban to central government ministers and officials from using beacons on their cars. He officially addressed this on Wednesday.

According to the sources, the ban on the red beacons, which symbolises “VIP arrogance”, will be implemented from May 1st of this year.
Roughly called as “lal batti culture”, prime minister banned officially announced about the ban at the meeting of the cabinet ministers.

THowever, peculiar people like the president, the prime minister, vice-president, Lok Sabha speaker and the Chief Justice of India have been exempted.