Telangana CM KCR’s Special Gesture For Rudramadevi – No Entertainment Tax!


Talented director cum producer Gunasekhar, is determined to get back to his best with his latest movie ‘Rudhramadevi’. Gunasekhar has been facing many financial problems but managed to complete the film and it is all set to release for fantastic opening on 9th October, 2015 worldwide in both 3D and 2D. Telangana CM KCR thrilled the Rudramadevi unit with his special gesture.

KCR's Special Gesture For Rudramadevi

KCR made Rudhramadevi Tax Benefit Film in Telangana region:

According to official reports Telangana CM KCR granted entertainment tax exemption for ‘Rudhramadevi’. It means that “Rudramadevi” film is exempted from paying the 15% entertainment tax from its revenue collected from the theatrical exhibition in Telangana region.

It is well known that Rudramadevi movie based on Kakatiya queen and Kakatiya kingdom is located with headquarters in Orugallu, the central Telangana.Today also Kakatiya Empire are found in Warangal in Telangana regions.

KCR’s Special Gesture For Rudramadevi - No Entertainment Tax!

Rudramadevi is the first 3D historic Indian film to be ever made. The most experimental actress Anushka Shetty will play the role of Rudrama Devi who is an 13th Century Kakatiya Dynasty warrior queen known for her intelligence, skills and guts. The film which features Anushka Shetty, Nithya Menon, Rana Daggubati and Allu Arjun in the leading roles.

Director Gunasekhar approached Telangana CM KCR today early morning with the proposal of tax benefit. Gunasekhar explained KCR on basic plot with which the Rudramadevi movie is made and the CM was impressed by knowing about the film.