Nischint App – Parents Monitor Children’s Online Activities


Now a days, most of the children especially teenagers addicted to smart phones,tablets,laptops etc. Majority of parents are worried about their children due to increase in usage of internet. Parents want to know about their children what they are watching on web and social media. Nischint is most advanced and unique software application developed to monitor the online activity of their children such as websites visited,no.of hours spent on the each website, photos, videos, incoming and outgoing calls.

Nischint Parental Guidance App

Nischint app was launched by IT Minister K. Taraka Rama Rao in Hyderabad at the Taj Banjara on Sunday 5th July 2015.The meaning of Nischint is without any tensions. This app should be downloaded by parents in children’s smart phones, tablets, Laptops, etc. to know about their activities in social media. Whether it be a game or utility application, parents can view all the applications downloaded on child’s device. This app also enables parents to track the location of their children at any point of time with the help of interactive map showing the GPS track for the last 24 hours, showing real time presence of their children’s location.

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Parents can set a geographical radius which if their children cross, will immediately send them an alert. The parents can also lock the child’s devices and block websites. It also helps set up children safe zone and receive real time alerts when the safe zone is crossed. Nischint app comes with a solution that parents can know anything that negatively impacts the children. parents can also know about when the phone is switched and SIM card taken out.

Nischint Parental Guidance App- Parent's Mobile Alert

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Today, children spend so much time on social networks like Facebook that it has become essential to monitor their online social activity. Nischint will help to keep children safer by showing who they are friends with and what type of content is being shared by them. On content level; one can proactively set the right filters for kids when connected online. This will help parents to choose particular category of websites best suited to their children’s interest and security. parents can access essential information from any where in the world.