New Painkiller Offers Long Lasting Pain Relief, Discovered in US


US discovered new compound boronicaine may serve the medicine stream in attaining more efficiency. Get long-lasting pain relief from newly discovered medicines by United States (US) researchers which would render durable painkilling effects bears witness as substitute option to present existing anesthetics. Boronicaine compound would play a crucial role in sports and games stream to cure injuries occurred at various instances such joint replacement procedures.

group of US researchers discover new long lasting pain killer boronicaine

New Durable Painkiller Boronicaine is Discovered by US Researchers

Lead author  of study George Kracke who is a associate professor at University of Missouri said “Because of its versatility and effectiveness at quickly numbing pain in targeted areas, lidocaine has been the gold standard in local anaesthetics for more than 50 years, while lidocaine is effective as a short-term painkiller, its effects wear off quickly. We developed a new compound that can quickly provide longer lasting relief.”

Group of researchers comprising George Kracke and others obtained new compound boronicaine by changing aspects of the chemical structure of lidocaine which has the ability to provide pain relief lasting for five times longer than lidocaine. Group study researchers found that during the pre-clinical studies that boronicaine provided about 25 minutes of relief when the pain relief of lidocaine is compared to about five minutes. Usually lidocaine is used as a topical ointment or spray to get relief from burning, itching and pain from shingles, sunburns, jellyfish stings and insect bites, to get relieved from in minor surgical or dental procedures.

Newly discovered compound obtained boronicaine from changing the aspects of the chemical structure of lidocaine would be able to serve many surgical functions like an injectable or topical painkiller.

Associate professor of University of Missouri, George Kracke says “Although some conditions may warrant the use of a short-lasting painkiller, in many cases a longer lasting anaesthetic is a better option. Having a longer lasting anaesthetic reduces the dosage or number of doses needed, limiting the potential for adverse side effects.” A well-defined research and discovery of pain reliever boronicaine has been published in the well known medical journal ChemMedChem.