Netizens Destroyed Shashi Tharoor For Comparing Demonetization ‘Chillar’ With Miss World Manushi Chillar

AP2TG Staff

Right from the “Exasperating farrago of distortions“, he has always been the epitome of trolls and memes on social media. It might be his English or the logical things he perpetuates on the rivals, Tharoor is always a winner in this space of wisdom and fun. Well, he is the only hope for the UPS in terms of re-integrating the lost charm. But, this time, his tweet went otherwise, a little-tweaked post on his twitter drew in huge criticism.

Earlier, Shashi Tharoor’s picture has come out on social media roping in crazy captions replicating his slang and sense of humor. In the picture he is seen staring at the family portrait of Gandhi family (old picture), the picture has Rajiv Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, their pet dog and Sonia Gandhi.

Now, again after a while, the politician is trending on the social media for his absolute wrong-gone tweet. It looks like his sense of humor has just flown beyond the verge hurting people’s emotions.

All this has started with his ill-attempted wit on the newly-crowned Miss World 2017 Manushi Chhillar’s surname, comparing it to ‘loose change’. He wrote, “What a mistake to demonetize our currency! BJP should have realized that Indian cash dominates the globe: look, even our Chhillar has become Miss World!,” Tharoor tweeted.

It must be observed that Tharoor here refers ‘Chillar’ to ‘loose change.’

While many went slamming him black and blue for the insensitive tweet, even Anupam Kher has come forward reacting to the post.

One questioned his purpose in “demonetizing his own value!(sic).” While, another attempted to educate him about the community Manushi belongs to, informing him that it was a “brave community (Jats),” and asked him to refrain from making fun of it.

Worried with the ongoing havoc created by his tweet, Tharoor has come forward clarifying his side, Within a few hours of his first tweet, Tharoor took to Twitter again, this time to clarify that “no offense was meant” to Manushi. He also asked people to “chill.”

His tweet read, “Guess the pun IS the lowest form of humor, & the bilingual pun lower still! Apologies to the many who seem to have been righteously offended by a light-hearted tweet today. Certainly, no offense was meant to a bright young girl whose answer I’ve separately praised. Please Chill!,”

Well, it would have been better if Tharoor was more careful with his words fro the inception itself.