NASA To Launch World’s Lightest Satellite Designed By 7 Indian Teens This Month

AP2TG Staff

Indians are excelling in every field, it has been barely a couple of months that India has sent a record-breaking 104 satellites into space. Now, here’s another achievement our country must be proud of. An Indian boy from Class 12 along with 6 others has developed what scientists call the lightest satellite in the world.

This design was done on behalf of Space Kidz India which is a research organization in Chennai. Also, the launch of the satellite makes Space Kidz India feel proud about their students.

This 18-year-old Rifath Sharook from Chennai, built the satellite as part of a contest Cubes in Space, organized by US space agency, NASA and idoodlelearning Inc, a global education company. The other team members are Tanishq Dwivedi, Vinay S Bhardwaj, Yagna Sai, Mohammed Abdul Kashif, Gopinath under the guidance of Dr. Srimathy Kesan, Founder & CEO of Space Kidz India.

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Each one of them took a different job to complete the satellite.The satellite, named Kalam SAT – after former India President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam that weights only 0.1 kg, and is lighter than a smartphone.

Sources claim that NASA will be launching this satellite into space on June 21. Sharook said that the satellite, which is made of reinforced carbon fiber polymer, will act as a technology demonstrator in its 12-minute flight and provide impetus to plan economical space missions in future ages.

This isn’t any new innovation of Sharook. In 2015, he launched a 1,200g helium weather balloon from a ground in Kelambakkam, Tamil Nadu.

The satellite ‘Kalam SAT’ consists of a new type of onboard computer along with various sensors. The submission of Kalam Sat project took place in January, and the team has received information about the launch of the probe in April. Finally, the hard work and determination of the students to build the world’s lightest satellite are amusing.