This Photo Of Narendra Modi In Kurta-Pyjama At ASEAN Summit Led People To Make A Hundred Memes

AP2TG Staff

Indian politicians have never been known to have a great sense of style, unlike their international counterparts. If you ask us, it does not really matter because it’s not a criterion to determine their capabilities in serving the country. But dressing up well has never killed anyone, and since we are such sticklers for fashion that an appreciative or critical eye is inevitable.

First things first, a cotton Kurta-Pyjama is the most comfortable thing to wear. It’s airy and light and perfect for the different weather conditions. India Prime Minister Narendra Modi is enormously popular for his ruling, especially for his dressing. He is mostly seen in Kurta-Pyjama.

Modi Ji has many followers and also a significant share of “haters”. All of which makes him prime online meme material. Recently, world leaders came together and posed for a photo during the opening ceremony of the 31st ASEAN Summit in Cultural Center of the Philippines in Manila.

In a photograph taken at the event, as the world leaders wore business suits, India Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who looked dapper in his Desi Attire. The photo of Modi’s distinct appearance in Kurta-Pyjama spread like wildfire on the Internet and social media wasted no time in launching a hundred memes overnight.

Check Out Some Of The Hilarious Memes:

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