Mystery On Chakri death Continues


We all knew that music director Chakri died of a heart attack but the family members of Chakri had disputes among themselves and filed a case to get the facts about his death. The forensic experts have confirmed that music director Chakri’s death was natural and there is no trace of any poison found in his mortal remains. It is already known that Chakri’s wife Sravani alleged that her in-laws have poisoned her husabnd, and Chakri’s mother Vidyavathi complained that their daughter-in-law has killed her son.Mystery On Chakri death Continues

The latest is that Vidyavathi is adding that Sravani called her after killin Chakri and informed the same. She requests the police officials to check her call date. The police officers are coming to a conclusion that Chakri’s death is natural but all these allegations between his family members can be seen as dispute of properties. This is really damaging the image and reputation if deceased music director. Hope some one try to mediate and bring peace between the two parties.



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