Mystery Behind Devi Reddy Death. Accident or Murder ?

AP2TG Staff

In the early hours on Sunday, a car was found rammed into a tree in Journalist Colony, Jubilee Hills Road no.70. The Car belongs to Mr. Bharat Simha Reddy. He walked away with minor injuries, but his co-passenger wasn’t so lucky. K Devi Reddy, a B-Tech third-year student was found dead due to her injuries. They were both returning home from a party.

The police claim the incident to be an accident caused due to driving under the influence of alcohol, but the eyewitness revealed a dirty side of the incident. The eye-witnesses are claiming to have seen someone trying to pull Devi into the car just moments prior to the alleged accident.

Devi murder mystery

Devi Reddy Accident / Murder Mystery:

Her father, K Niranjan Reddy, requested a fair inquiry into the case which he said was a murder and not an accident. He alleged that some police officials and businessmen were trying to manipulate the evidence and also threatened the witnesses.

“Devi was sexually assaulted and murdered, and the accident was stage managed and the air bag was not found open on the side where Devi was seated,” said Reddy.

“Why was my daughter undressed? The police constables at the spot who shifted my daughter to the hospital said the man was heavily drunk, but the higher ups are trying to nullify the case,” Reddy alleged.

B.Tech Student Devi Reddy Death Turns Mysterious

From the photograph shown by Devi Reddy’s sister, it is clear that the officials trying to manipulate the truth. The damages for the car at the time of the accident and now are entirely different. Even the police tried to take the photograph show by Devi’s sister. She refused to give it and saved the photograph for future reference as proof.

Accident Car On May 1st & May 5th:

Devi Accident car images

There are doubts surrounding the death of B Tech girl Devi Reddy and her parents and relatives are alleging foul play in her death. The relatives of Devi Reddy went into an argument with the police when they are trying to recreate the crime scene. Devi Reddy sister showing the picture of the car after the accident alleged that the said car is damaged further and raised fears about covering up the case. On Wednesday night, Devi’s friends carried out a candlelight march at KBR Park claiming that Devi was murdered.