[WATCH VIDEO] Mysterious UFO Like Object Hovers In China! Residents Baffled

AP2TG Staff

The incident took place a week ago in Shangrao of Jiangxi Province in China. The video is going viral now. In the video, we can see a mysterious ring cloud hovering above the spot that has left the residents baffled. The strangely shaped cloud appeared in the sky last week, but the video has gone viral now.

The short clip shows orange-hued cloud floating in the sky above a village at Shaoyang town, Shangrao. The round cloud looked like a flame burning and it remained in the sky for at least 8-10 minutes.

It all started going viral after the video has surfaced Chinese social media site Weibo and later it went viral on YouTube. The video also shows several locals capturing the mysterious phenomenon on their cameras.

Many villagers believed that the mysterious phenomenon is nothing but UFO hovering above.

Watch the video below:

Despite the UFO whisperings of the citizens of Shangrao, similar rings have been spotted over Russia, the UK, and the USA. Scientists identified these wisps as smoke vortices. Their cause is also understood as the result of a blast through a circular venting structure like a flue or pipe and can be created intentionally or otherwise.