Watch: Mumaith Khan Funny Reaction About Her Personal Life And Having 3 Husbands

AP2TG Staff

Mumaith Khan the top rated item girl reacted about the rumors about her marriage. The actress mentioned about a gossip article which claims that she has three ex-husbands, all of them belonging to different castes and different religions.

Mumaith also clarified rumors about her relationship with Puri Jagannadh and said that they are friends from past 11 years. She went on facebook live to clear all the rumors circulated about her marriage.

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Reacting to the rumor Mumaith said: “It looks freaky and funny for her when someone writes nonsense about me. It’s not only about her three ex-husbands but also about my food habits, likes, and dislikes. All these are nonsense. I really do not care about them but I have to clear these rumors because it will affect my life sometime in future”.

“I am independent and I can take care of things in future. But I am worried about the impression that this stuff would leave on the guy who will marry me. People just do not care about this and will continue going on writing non-sense just because I am an actress and is a free property to write and talk about. Such people should better educate themselves than being idiotic,” she added.