10 Best Mouth Watering Places For Foodies During Ramadan Season In Hyderabad

AP2TG Staff

The holy month of Ramadan has begun. The Muslim World is waiting for the festival Eid with bated breath. According to Islamic tradition, Ramzan is considered to be the holiest month in the entire year. Muslims all across the world celebrate Ramzan and observe fasts.

Of the Indian capital cities, Hyderabad is overwhelmed with festive fervor from the beginning of Ramzan, the holy month. The streets are busy with the smell of Haleem, the flavor of Irani chai, the sheen of mehendi, the calls of vendors and the frenzy of shoppers. Here we have some places for foodies to visit during Ramadan month.

Ramzan season foods
#1. Tolichowki Yousuf Tekri Food Court:

Biryani lovers head directly towards Mandar. This officially beats all the Hyderabadi Biryani you have been savoring on till now. Yousuf Tekri Food Court available last night during Ramzan season.

Tolichowki Yousuf Tekri Food Court

#2. Hyderguda Cafe Bahar:

Cafe Bahar has a chain of restaurants in Hyderabad. Don’t mistake this cafe with restaurants that are spread across the city. Cafe Bahar in Basheer Bagh is known for its taste. Any type of Biryani is good. Service is quick and ample parking space.

Hyderguda Cafe Bahar

#3. Mandi at Barkas:

Way ahead of the old city can witness Saudi flavor, Mandi. It is the perfect dinner after all the kebabs, haleem, and samosas. Barkas is a place where you will find a blissful taste.

Mandi at Barkas

#4. Toli Chowki Sehri Special:

Shahghouse is a favored location for haleem during Ramzan season. Khichidi, keema, khatta are a special highlight provided for all the food lovers exclusively for the Sehri (pre-dawn meal) only.

Toli Chowki Sehri Special

#5. Charminar Food Stalls:

Charminar, the pillar of Hyderabad with busy streets especially the night markets in Ramadan month should be covered. You will find the mesmerizing stalls for kababs, pather ka ghosht and yummy parathas. Do make sure you present with your associates you may get lost in the crowd as this place is the biggest and oldest place.

Charminar Food Stalls

#6. Pathergatti Sheran:

So if you have missed on a heavy dinner, finish your haleem, and rush to Sheran. This place is famous for its finger licking parathas, kababs. Amongst the busy streets, foodies gather here for late night meal.

Pathergatti Sheran

#7. Madina Building Nayaab Restaurant:

Nayaab Restaurant is famous for its delicious taste. You can visit the old city’s Nayaab restaurant for Paya, Nahari, Kaleji, Ghurdey and Zabban which has a homely touch in the taste. Do not forget to end the meal with an Irani Chai.

Madina Building Nayaab Restaurant

#8. Koti Hyline:

This is located in King Koti. Don’t miss this cafe during Ramzan season. The Haleem here is meatier and made with the right blend of spices.

Koti Hyline Koti Hyline

#9. Madina Building Shadab Restaurant:

Shadab Restaurant is in Ghansi Bazaar. Among all the stalls at Madina building, Shadaab restaurant takes first place when it comes to the Ramadan special delicacy Haleem. You can finish the dinner with Qubani Ka Meetha which is awesome.

 Madina Building Shadab Restaurant

#10. Pista House:

Pista House is a restaurant located in Shalibanda, Hyderabad. Last but not the least, One who is fond of Haleem can never forget Pista House during Ramdan season . This is famous for its taste. The lip-smacking dish can be had from more than 200 take away outlets in the city. Apart from vegetarian ‘haleem’, for the health conscious there is diet ‘haleem’.

Pista House hyderabad

If we missed out your favorite one in the list. Let us know us in comments. Please share your experiences in the comment session below. Stay tuned to this page for more updates.