Mithali Raj’s Picture Is Going Viral Just Like Earlier Pic Of Virat Kohli, Twitterati Can’t Stop Captioning It

AP2TG Staff

It is well known how hungry people are for fun and humor, the Internet is always a fair medium to share thing regarding a serious issue, a fun note or a brutal troll on someone who tries to mess with our beloved celebrity. With humor being one of the most loved aspects, there’s no specific route to embark it, be it cricketer’s expression, or a political leader’s speech, there’ll be no room left in spinning the story of fun.

This latest picture of Indian Cricket Team skipper Mithali Raj relaxing and reading book has almost become the center of praises and ‘being cool’ on Twitter, this appears like a paradigm of the coolest captain alive, as per Twitterati.

However, this idea of posting a random picture, of course, the picture must be a standout, then trolling it blue and black till the new one comes has become a trend now. With the utmost availability of a number of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp, there’s no going back.

Soon after the pic has surfaced the Internet, it went viral with many users captioning it. It was posted just before India Vs England match which India won by 35 runs. Mithali Raj bagged an another back-to-back fifty, making it the seventh consecutive fifty. These tweets will definitely make you believe that Indian Women Cricket Team can have no cool captain than Mithali Raj.

Only God knows how can she stay so balanced, reading a book waiting for her turn to bat. She had her pads on and looked very cool. The openers were batting well and Mithali’s turn was next. Usually, we see that players get very nervous when they have to go and bat next, but Mithali’s case was different. She looked relaxed and cool-minded absolutely.

And here’s a tweet posted by the ICC,

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