Mayabazaar’s Vivaha Bojanambu Song Copied From English Movie

AP2TG Staff

Most of us would have heard the song “Vivaha Bhojanambu” in Maya Bazaar Movie, the iconic film in Telugu film industry. But very few might know that this song tune was first sung by an English singer Charles Jolly in “The Laughing Policeman” of 1922 and the tune was copied to a large extent in Telugu film in 1957. Even in 2016 Baya Bazar didn’t lose it’s fame.

This is not the first time Telugu music directors inspired from other tunes. If am not wrong this might be the first song to get inspired from Hollywood. At present, the young music directors are copying many tunes from Kollywood, Bollywood and Hollywood even. Watch the original tune of “Vivaha Bojanambu” song here.

vivaha bojanambu song copied

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Vivahabojanambu Song in Mayabazar:

Watch Original Song Here:

The legend music director Ghantasala composed music for Baya Bazar movie. He is well known for his works predominantly in Telugu cinema. Baya Bazar movie created a lot of impact in Indian cinema and now this movie is available in color scope.

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