Matthew Wade Fails To Replicate MS Dhoni ‘No Look’ Trick – Watch Video

AP2TG Staff

Whoever plays in Ranchi, tries to replicate MS Dhoni. Just the other day Ravindra Jadeja had perfectly executed a ‘no look’ run out which looked almost similar to the ones Dhoni does with his eyes closed. And now it was Australian wicketkeeper Matthew Wade’s turn but he failed miserably.

Amidst heated environment on day 4 of the 3rd test match, a very funny incident took place. Australian wicketkeeper Matthew Wade tried to replicate MS Dhoni’s trademark run out style but ended up making himself a butt of jokes on the day.

When Pujara and Saha were batting well in tandem, the Aussies needed a spark of brilliance on the field to lift themselves up in tough conditions. Perhaps this is something that was on his mind when Wade tried to do a Dhoni. Dhoni, the former Indian skipper and the limited-overs wicketkeeper of India, is renowned for his ‘surprise’ runouts.

While Cheteshwar Pujara and Wriddhiman Saha were piling up the runs on the fourth day of the third Test, the stumper tucked a ball on the leg side and ran for a single. The fine leg fielder was quick to collect the ball and fired it at the striker’s end where Pujara had already made his ground, but Wade wanted to catch Saha unawares at the non-striker’s end and on receiving the ball, he fired it towards the bowler with looking at him.

But much to his frustration, the ball lacked the desired direction and ended up reaching mid-off where no one was stationed. A fielder ran from short cover to make amends but by that time the batsmen had run two.

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