Manoj Tiwary Lashes Out At Rashid Latif, Calls Him Donkey For Making Derogatory Comments On Virender Sehwag

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It has been two days, Team India lost the second match in Champions Trophy to Sri Lanka and that was the sane day when Pakistan won against South Africa. We all know how interesting the day one of CT 2017 was, with the stunning debut defeating Pakistan, India made its grand entry, what all happened on Twitter needs no words to describe.

But, the second match was bit unexpected, despite the fair score from India, Sri Lankans manages to bag the innings with edgy bowling. If there’s something that often trends on Twitter, then it is a tweet from the former batsman Virender Sehwag, known for his sarcastic replies in the commentary box Sehwag never misses an opportunity to take a dig on Pakistan, recently in an occasion, Sehwag said that Pakistan is India’s son whereas Bangladesh is India’s grandson in the commentary. But, someone took it too seriously.

Rashid Latif former Pakistan keeper has come forward with a video on the social media, the player recorded a video in which he shot some abusive words at Sehwag. He told Sehwag to remain in his limits and reminded him of the famous Chennai Test that Pakistan won against India

However, there was no reaction from anyone for two days, but Manoj Tiwary, a crucial RPS’ player came forward countering Rashid, warned him never to mess with any other Indian player, he ended up calling the Pakistani player ‘ a donkey’ and ‘a shameless person’.

Tiwary quoted this former Pakistani player’s video deed as a bid to come to the limelight,

“I was thinking why is Latif targeting our legendary batsman Virender Sehwag. But then I realized, all he wants is a 60-second limelight. He wants fame and I don’t know for how long has he been deprived of it by God. He does not know how to respect a player. Mr. Latif, you have made a big mistake by uploading such a video” he said.

He further slammed the Pakistani keeper saying, “You are a shameless person. Ever watched your face? You have blacked your face. Don’t do anything like this in future. Now, I am giving you respect. I can also use foul words and if you repeat this, I will use such foul words that blood will gush out from your ears. Those few Indian budding players who got inspired after seeing your wicket-keeping will now be ready to beat you with their sandals.”

In this 5 minutes video, Tiwary concluded calling Latif, ‘a donkey’ and ‘a shameless person’. After all these high tension counter arguments, let us just wait for Latif’s response.

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Indian Cricketer Manoj Tiwary's Perfect Reply to Pakistan Cric…

Indian Cricketer Manoj Tiwary's Perfect Reply to Pakistan Cricketer Rashid Latif _/_

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