Man In Telangana Digs Up National Highway Claiming That Lord Shiva Visited His Dreams Asking Him To Look For Shiva Lingam

AP2TG Staff

‘Only two things are infinite, Universe and Human stupidity’, rightfully said by Albert Einstein. On one side we are pacing up in the field of science and technology with impressive outcomes, including satellites, gadgets, and other necessary comforts. Meanwhile, on the another side, people are ending up doing odd things just because they’re were told to do so in dreams by the gods.

Especially, in a country like India, there is always a wide space for the possibilities of strange things, mostly in the name of religious beliefs and superstition. This time things went overboard when a villager dug up a national highway in search of a lingam.

A crazy incident took place at Pembarthi of Jangaon district in Telangana as 30-year-old Lakhan Manoj was arrested on Monday for digging up a 15-feet well on the National Highway 163 that connects Hyderabad and Warangal. Manoj, who is a self-proclaimed seer, had claimed that he was “visited” by Lord Shiva in his dreams and was “asked” by Shiva to look for the Lingam. Along with him, a village sarpanch, a municipal vice-chairman, and a local Congress leader have also been taken into custody for helping him in the act.

Surprisingly, various officials also played a crucial role in doing this deed. Post the digging, police somehow became aware of the news, arrested Manoj along with him, a village sarpanch, a municipal vice-chairman, and a local Congress leader has also been taken into custody for further interrogation.

Sources further claimed that the special prayers were conducted before the digging began and curious villagers participated in the excavation. However, even after digging 20 feet, they could not find anything as police later arrived on the scene and arrested them. The excavation created a traffic jam on the national highway.

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When asked about the incident, Jangaon deputy commissioner of police T Venkanna told,

“How can these village elders believe him and take up digging of the road? We have booked cases against them….We shall fill up the pit with the help of Roads and Buildings department and recover the cost from the villagers.”

“The primary convict, Manoj, often used to tell his villagers that Lord Shiva has been visiting him for the past five years and asked him up that particular spot near Pembarthi” Venkanna concluded.