Man Brutally Harassed By Moral Police And A Cop Over His T-Shirt’s Quote

AP2TG Staff

Moral policing, sexism and religious intolerance are very common in our society. Mainly, there will always be some news of moral policing every now and then. But sometimes, it becomes very hard and sufferable for the people who face it in our country. They may get into extreme pains of life. Here is one such incident which proves it again.

What a person wants to wear is a personal choice and nobody else has the right to decide for him/her. Agree?

But here is an incident which proves it wrong. Coming to the point, a man in Bengaluru went to watch a movie in PVR in Forum Mall but he was stopped by a moral policeman and a real cop because the content written on his T-shirt which was objectionable, as per the moral police.

The content on the T-shirt read, “Stop Jerking Start Fuc*ing.”

This didn’t go well with one person in the mall and he started morally policing; however, the victim defended himself by saying “It is not my intention. It is available in the market, right?”

We must say that the argument given is very logical and correct but the moral policeman didn’t agree to it and brought a cop who didn’t help the victim but on the contrary, he also started moral policing the guy.

All the limits were crossed when the person was asked to go out, change the T-shirt and come back if he wanted to watch the movie. Disgusting!

An onlooker Parul Agarwal narrated the whole incident on Facebook. Here’s what she read:

“What I saw at Forum Mall Koramangala today is the height of #MoralPolicing and nothing but appalling! A young man (the guy in red T-shirt) is abused and humiliated by a man for wearing a T-shirt that has ‘indecent words’ written on it. The T-Shirt had the word- ‘Fuc*ing’ written on it. The guy was asked to exit #PVR premises, buy a new T-Shirt, change and then enter the cinema halls. The so called moralist then called a police personnel who rather than shutting him up supported him in #MoralPolicing and asked the guy- why he wore such a T-shirt to a public place! It is only when a friend and all of us hounded the ‘moralist’ he shut up and left the place. I have a separate video of the police guy whom I will trace and report to the #BangalorePolice”

She also took to Twitter and posted the video with caption, “@BlrCityPolice This is the personnel who supported #MoralPolicing at @_PVRCinemas today! I have tweeted the video earlier. #Bengaluru”

Bengaluru City Police quickly responded and asked her to share complete details, “Please share complete details to our mail id”
Please share complete details to our mail id <>

— BengaluruCityPolice (@BlrCityPolice) June 2, 2017

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