Agriculture is not a Waste of Money, Energy. Start implementing These Practises- Organic Farming


“Lets join together to make your passion possible for farming, connection with mother nature and weekend eco-lifestyle”

CSA: Community Supported Agriculture is a farming system, where passionate urban citizens can buy half acre or more in a very large organic farm. The organic farm is designed and managed by Agri-professionals. The CSA is spread over 100 acres, located near Shadnagar, in the close proximity of residential layouts, to ensure land value appreciation besides farming benefits. We have included short-term, long-term Agro-forestry crops to generate income from the farm. We have planned and eco-village in the organic farm to create farmstay an enriching experience. The landowning members and Farm O&M Team that is Inacres share crop returns based on traditional system of 50-50.

Crop Model & Returns In One Acre

Time Crop Yields Mark price Expected Revenue Rs.
3rd year onwards/Annual Curry Leaves Moringa 1.5 tonn Rs.: 15/kg 22.5K
5th year onwards/Annual Mango/Jamun 1.5 tonn Rs.: 30/kg 45K
7th Year/once Melia Dubia 100 tonn Rs.: 2,000/ton 200K
14th year/once Melia Dubia 100 tonn Rs.: 2,000/ton 200K
15th year/once Sandalwood 6.25 ton Rs.1.00Cr./ton *6.25Cr.

* Based on Government Auction Prices, International Prices and Crop Yields.

CSA-Farm Financial

The CSA farm costs include


  • Suitable land with ground water availability about 1.5km from Dindi river tributary.
  • High land value appreciation potential
  • Close proximity to residential layouts
  • About 50 km from ORR of Hyderabad and 15km from Shadnagar

2. Farm development Includes:

  • Farm design, Management and O&M by World renowned Agri-professionals.
  • Soil & water conservation measures such as contour bunding, water harvesting ponds, tube & open wells, subsurface micro-irrigation.
  • Proven natural & organic farming systems by combining traditional knowledge & modern science.
  • Biodiverse high yielding and high income potential agro-forestry crops.
  • 15 years of farm operation & maintenance

3. Life Style

  • Farm Stay @ Eco-Village to connect with the nature to rejuvenate.
  • A positive and yet small step to mitigate global warming and climate change by being part of Agroforestry.

Pricing for each unit of quarter acre farmland(10 guntas/1210 sq.yards)
start @ Rupees Six Lakhs

Sandalwood farming as part of Agroforestry when compared to others

Why Farm with US

Location Of CSA Farm

Shadnagar CSA Organic Farm is located about 50 km from ORR of Hyderabad, about 15km from Shadnagar. The farm is located in Bheemaram Village and there are several residential development layouts in the close proximity.

Our Vision & Philosophy

  • We truly believe, Agriculture is the basic foundation of our culture.
  • Instead of profits only, we think of prosperity creation in a sustainable, eco-friendly and social enterprise model.
  • We believe farmer welfare, public well being and environment are interdependent.
  • We believe tradition and technology can co-exist and are mutually complementary.
  • We believe farmers and non farmers can come together to bring natural & eco-friendly social change in agriculture.
  • The future of agriculture needs our support to preserve and create prosperity.

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