Maintaining Healthy Diet.. Yet Affected by Cancer..?


Day-by-day, the life span of human beings are being decreased gradually. Even at a very small age, people are being affected by perilous diseases like cancer which sometimes leads to death. Although people who are following Healthy Diet and doing regular Exercises without having any bad habits like smoking, drinking etc. are also affected by this most dreadful disease, cancer. Recently, a guy went to the hospital for being infected with a small disease and also underwent all medical tests. The shocking news is that the guy is affected with cancer without having any bad habits and following the healthy diet.

Neem twig Vs Brush


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Why all such diseases are affecting people at very small age these days ? How our grand parents are surviving and looks very energetic though they are at the age of 70’s and 80’s ? Is there any change in our generations? This is because, from morning till evening the food we are eating, the air we intake and also the water we consume, every thing are filled with toxic chemicals.

Herbal bath versus soap



Earlier, we used to go to villages in holidays where we cannot see even a small plastic piece. But now, starting from tooth brush to the eating plate all are made up of plastic which is very harmful. The plastics that are used in food containers, bottles to hold water and beverages, and the lining of cans that hold commercial foods often contain dangerous chemicals. The chemicals in the plastics can seep out while food or beverages are stored in them or as food is being cooked in a plastic container. The chemicals in plastics can create a wide range of health problems. We are using these plastic materials 24 hours and all the 365 days. Also these days most of the people preferring pizzas, burgers, cool drinks which contains chemicals. Because of this life style, most of the people are now suffering from many diseases at a very small age.

Polished vs Unpolished Rice


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Why all our grandparents are strong? Very simple question it is just because they don’t even use tooth brush instead they use powder or neem twig. Also there are no plastic buckets not even a plate. Moreover the food which was taken by them is very healthy which contains all the proteins. The rice was unpolished, fruits and vegetables are fresh without any chemicals. But now polished rice, inorganic fruits and vegetables etc. These are only few reasons but there are still more that shows variations in the health of our ancestors and ours.