Maintaining a journal or dairy can be great fun!


Been on a road trip and loved it, but wished you could preserve that memory with you forever? Watched a movie and wished your friend had been with you, so that you could share your review or beautiful experience about the movie. What can be better than writing it down in your journal? But if think you are not one of those who prefer writing journal? Well you need not be, because Journal writing is not just restricted to writing daily routines or writing every detail of the day, Journal writing can relate to sharing and writing about such moments which you wish to capture in your book, so that every time to read it, you refresh your memory about those days.


How to make journal writing a habit?

For many people who don’t patience to write, journal writing can be a very difficult task. But it is only a count of few days, after which journal writing can become a very interesting habit. Journal and pen are traditional ways of writing journal, however these days we also have options of using digital dairies like Digital dairies come with a benefit of spell check, but for traditional dairy users, can always be quick reference for checking spelling and synonyms.

For making journal writing fun, make it a point not to force yourself into writing something which does not interest you, like regular routine or daily insights about the day. Always keep your journal and pen accessible, so that you can quickly write down points when you feel like doing so. If you are more digital savvy then consider using a tablet instead of a dairy, as it would be more portable for you to carry it along. Make sure to use deals or coupons before purchasing any electronic devices. Now a days many retailers offering more than 50% off on electronic Items. You can browse some amazing deals from most trusted resources like,,, If you don’t have time, yet you wish to write down an incident or ideas instead of writing details you can simply jot down important points in form of short words. So whenever you get some spare time, you can write your experience or thoughts in detail without having to miss onto the important points. Never give up writing only because you did not like your last write up. Please understand that you are not a professional writer, so you can allow yourself to do few mistakes. With time you might understand how to write in a precise manner. You can always refer sites like, where many writers like you share their writings; this will help you understand how you can write down things in a simple and more expressive way. Journal writing is way of disciplining your way of expressing yourself, so this might take little time and challenge but once it becomes a habit, you might love to carry your journal everywhere you go.

Beauty of life does not abide in living in past or future, it abides in the present moment, so allow yourself to enjoy the present moment and let your journal be the keeper of that beautiful memory.