Mahesh Babu Most Luxurious Caravan Interior View Is Like Heaven

AP2TG Staff

Film actors who are busy with their shooting all the time need some proper place to take rest for a while. Saying so they cannot leave the shooting spot, right ? Therefore, the production company provides caravans for every actor on sets. But our Srimanthudu Super Star Mahesh Babu has his own caravan.

Mahesh Babu’s caravan is aesthetically designed with all amenities matching his taste. It is indeed true that the stars hire caravans for outdoor shootings but Mahesh Babu owned one. Many heroes are in the process of owning caravans as DC (Dilip Chabria), the ace car decors and caravan designers. Mahesh got his luxurious caravan at the time of Seetamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu. Here are some of the pics with internal view.


Mahesh Babu Caravan Pics:


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More Details About Caravan:

Mahesh owns one of the most expensive caravans specially designed in Pune to suit the taste of the actor. He has one of the most expensive vanity van used by any actor in India. No other actor owns this type of Caravan. There is a satellite television which can be accessed via the Internet anywhere and any channel can be viewed. This Van will go to every place in India where Mahesh Shooting will take place. They plan their journey 2 days before the schedule and reach the place says Mahesh Caravan driver. Hope you like this post.

However, this vehicle was fined by Tollychowk police once for having tinted glasses. AP traffic cops have taken a special drive a couple of months back to remove all the tint film on glasses of vehicles. This caravan van is the most luxurious van used by any other hero in Telugu film industry.

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