MAA TV sold out for a BUMPER price!


MAA TV sold out for a BUMPER price!: The leading Telugu television network in South region, MAA TV has been sold out. The India’s leading TV network, Star India has finally acquired the stake in MAA TV and confirmed the news today about this deal. The MAA TV network is owned by Telugu stars like Chiranjeevi, Nagarjuna, star Producer Allu Aravind and businessman Nimmagadda Prasad.MAA TV sold out for a BUMPER price!
According to grapevine, Star India bought MAA for a BUMPER price. However, these details are yet to be disclosed to the media. Under MAA TV Network there are four branch channels such as Maa TV, Maa Movies, Maa Music and Maa Gold.

To grow much better financially, Maa TV owners have sold out a part of the channel rights. However, the shocking news is that MAA TV logo is going to undergo a major change. It is speculated that the new logo may be ‘Maa Star’.

The employees and responsibilities still lie on the owners of the network. A issue that comes to mind now is, there were many talks about Sony to sign a deal with MAA way back in 2012. But that did not happened and shockingly Star came into picture! So, what do you think?