Looking At A Man’s Fingers Can Reveal How He’ll Treat His Woman

AP2TG Staff

Forget birth chart, by just looking at a man’s hand, one can now tell what their true personality will be; if they’ll be rude and violent towards women!


Want to know more about your new man? Look at his index and ring fingers. Apparently, according to researchers from McGill University in Canada, the length of these two fingers can reveal how a man will treat a woman.

Also since ancient times, various Shastras, have in detail explained the body analysis, including palm, forehead, feet and face reading. Samudrika Shastra is one such branch that widely covers the knowledge of body features.


As mentioned in Garuda Purana, Samudrika Shastra explains how everything about an individual’s personality, nature, behavior and future is already imprinted on their body, through lines, moles and marks.

How well do you know your partner?


So today, I am going to make you aware of some evident signs that will point out if you man has hidden violent nature against women.



A man, whose Index finger is longer than the rest of the fingers, is said to have querulous nature, and will be extremely rude and violent towards women. His spouse would remain a victim of domestic and emotional violence.



If the tips of the fingers are bulged, then it indicates the person will hold traits of a thief. He will forever, keeps things hidden from the women in their lives.#3.



Men with ring and index fingers of equal length, have a personality of a charmer, which is specifically and purposely used on women. They’ll be attentive and polite, hiding their primary agenda behind their charm.#4.



Men with a longer ring finger will hold a highly aggressive nature and will develop disturbing personality, causing trouble for their spouse and marital life.#5.



Ring finger is believed to be linked with testosterone; more than length, major issues with aggressiveness.



Men who have thick black hairs on the back side of palms or near knuckles, will be more unlucky in any ventures that they do, in comparison to other men.

Some good news


Don’t be dishearten, Samdurika Shastra also has some good things to say, check them out….



A man with stout hands and bit chubby, which go up to his knees, will live a King-style life. He will enjoy and possess all luxuries.



Any man, whose finger print starts at the wrist and goes up till the Index finger, will be a landlord. Also, if they have finger’s closer to each other, then they will own a lot of things, from lands, houses to cars, various bank accounts, etc.



Men with sharp, long fingers, with no ounce of fat, will use the knowledge of shastra for his future benefits.

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