Anchor Lasya Clarifies About her Relationship With Ravi In a Live Show

AP2TG Staff

“Something Special” show which began in late 2011 brought Anchor Ravi and Lasya together. We all know them very well. But the people are still confusing themselves about the relation between Ravi and Lasya. Recently in a live interview of Ravi, Lasya clarified the rumour about their relationship.

Within no time both the anchors became popular and people are enjoying his hosting. In a recent interview of Anchor Ravi, Lasya made a prank call in Live Show, Where she gives clarity over her lover affair with Ravi, during his exclusive interview with 10TV, Where he shares his personal and professional memories. Watch the video below to know more.

Lasya About Her Love Affair with Anchor Ravi:

Earlier rumours spread that Lasya and Ravi are married and they have a child. Earlier, Sharing his views in an interview he said: “I have heard plenty of rumours that Lasya and I are already married to each other and another rumour has it that we have a child, but we live separately,”. Saying this he bursts out laughing.

“We keep fighting all the time and I still remember Lasya used to complain about my condescending attitude in the beginning,” Ravi says, adding, “Truth is,we are not a couple. We are just good friends.”

Lasya Said “I think it’s a big compliment that people want to see us together because our chemistry is so palpable,” she smiles.

Despite their popularity, the duo confesses that they don’t mind the rumours and keep on going. Lasya clarified they were very good friends and love to host multiple no. of shows together. The timing and  chemistry between them made many Telugu audiences to become their fans.