KTR’s Open Challenge To Chandrababu – “I Dare him to Accept My Challenge”


Reacting strongly against these tapes, stirred up a huge controversy and counter attack over airing the phone conversation between the Vyra DSP Rami Reddy, Vyra TDP MLA Madanlal and a person named Aziz and another unidentified person, which revealed that KTR allegedly offered 3 crores each to buy the TDP MLAs into TRS party.

I dare him to accept my challenge says ktr
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IT Minister KTR on Twitter challenged Chandrababu Naidu to undergo a ‘Lie-detector’ test if CBN has the “guts”.  KTR attack at Chandrababu on his Twitter page. Apart from lambasting the said news channel, KTR threw an open challenge at Babu and said, ” If CBN has the guts, I dare him to accept my challenge: I am willing to take a lie-detector test live on TV, Are you ready for one?”

He also twitted that “No matter how hard CBN & his cronies try, issue at hand is corrupt practices of TDP & its president. Issue is NOT between Telangana & AP” and “A joke of a ‘views’ channel called ABN apparently is broadcasting nonsensical & absurd allegations. Be ready for one more defamation suit”.

Watch “I dare him to accept my challenge says ktr”  Sakshi News:

Here are the some of the Twitter Tweets by KTR are as Follows:

Needless to say, KTR’s gutsy challenge won him applause from his sympathizers and we will now have to wait for TDP’s reaction on this.