Keep These Important Things In Mind While Taking A Bath

AP2TG Staff

Bathing is one of the most routine tasks done by us. But are we doing it the right way? There are high chances that we are not taking a bath the right way. Here are some things that one must keep in mind when having a bath.

1. Make sure you clean the scrubber or loofah properly after every use


These make for perfect breading grounds for bacteria and other micro-organisms which in turn may cause skin problems. Isn’t it safe to be sure than sorry?

2. Do not apply too much soap


Do not get fooled by ads as they do not depict the actual scenario. Using too much soap will remove your natural skin oils and will leave your skin rough, dry and lifeless. Make sure you wash off any excess amount of soap thoroughly with lukewarm water while bathing.

3. Do not wax or shave just before shower


These are the two times when your skin is super sensitive and when the pores are open. You do not want to cause irritation by the application of soap or chemicals to your skin.

4. Wipe gently with the towel


Be as gentle as you can with your skin and do not use too much pressure with the towel while drying yourself. It is also important not to stay in the towel for too long as it will leave your skin rough and dry. Spending too much time with your hair wrapped in a towel might lead to hair fall too.

5. Apply moisturizer immediately


The secret to the supple and soft skin is to moisturize it regularly. Do not leave your skin barring and apply moisturizer within 3 minutes of stepping out of the shower. This makes sure that the goodness is locked in for a long time.