Why Kapil Sharma And Ginni Broke Up? Here’s The Reason Behind It

Krishna Reddy

It is saddening and shocking to see Kapil Sharma’s game-changing comedy show fall apart. But the news from behind the scenes is even more sobering. It was only this year that comedian and actor Kapil Sharma had announced that he is in a steady relationship with Ginny Chatrath, and now it looks like the two have broken up.

kapil sharma on his break up with preeti

Kapil Sharma has earned the title of comedy king and people have been crazy for him. Kapil Sharma and his fiancee Ginni Chatrath have reportedly parted ways. Weeks after Sony pulled the plug on Kapil Sharma’s show (temporarily, though) reports of his break-up with Ginni Chatrath featured in headlines.

However, one thing which Kapil’s fans are still waiting for is his marriage with Ginni Chatrath. If you remember, after the ugly spat with Sunil Grover, Kapil introduced Ginni to his fans on Twitter.

reason behind kapil sharma show off

He shared a pic of himself with Ginni and wrote, “Will not say she is my better half .. she completes me .. love u Ginni .. please welcome her .. I love her so much:)”

The onus for the aborted relationship is being put on a female member of Kapil Sharma’s team who apparently has been a victim of unrequited love for Kapil for years.

Here’s what a source close to Kapil Sharma revealed,

“This team member has been working against Kapil’s interests all the time. But he refuses to hear a word against her. He is so emotional that he won’t accept that someone so close to him can betray him and work against his interests. When rumors linking Kapil to this team member — spread by the team member herself – gathered momentum, Kapil thwarted those rumors by announcing his marriage plans with Ginny. Now even that is off. This team member makes sure to isolate Kapil and everyone who comes close to him.”

kapil sharma and sunil grover reunited

Last week, Kapil Sharma talked about the recent controversies regarding his show, his health, and fight with former co-star Sunil Grover. He told: “Main thoda phisal gaya ttha. Abb sambhal gaya hoon (I slipped now I’ve regained composure).” Of his fight with Sunil Grover, Kapil said that most of the stories were ‘grossly exaggerated.’

He said: “I admit there was a problem. And I’ve paid a heavy price for it.” Kapil Sharma debuted in Bollywood in 2016’s Kis Kis Ko Pyaar Karoon and his second film Firangi is scheduled for release in November.