[WATCH VIDEO] Kangana Ranaut Stirs Her Previous Emails-Controversy, Demands Apology From Hrithik Roshan

Krishna Reddy

Starting with the earlier emails-controversy in between her and Hrithik Roshan, Kangana Ranaut was nowhere away from being stuck in controversies. Kangana’s recent some sensational comments on Nepotism in Bollywood are no way less.

And from then, there is no going back, she spoke about the same in a couple of interviews. Various Bollywood actors commented about the same and what not? It has been the talk of the town since the day one.

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kangana ranaut on emails hrithik roshan

However, now, once again after a year, Kangana switched the fight she had with her ex Hrithik Roshan; it was an intense drama and we’re sure every one of you remembers each and every allegation that was made by the both on the both simultaneously.

Well, after a series of suits, counter-suits, males, and allegations, Kangana has stirred the controversy once again and this time, she has opened up like never before, this happened in the ‘Aap Ki Adalat’ show, which will be telecasted very soon on ‘India TV’.

Though the promo was for just 40 seconds, Kangana has spoken a lot, she surprised everyone by demanding an apology from Hrithik Roshan. She revealed the pain she had, said, “I have suffered so much of humiliation… it’s incalculable. I wept all night. I couldn’t sleep. The stress, the trauma, mental trauma, emotional trauma…”

hrithik roshan and kangana fight

The incident has its beginning when Hrithik shared the emails with the public. The emails are addressed straightaway to Hrithik’s personal mail, interrogation was on back then, it is even confirmed that the information leaked by Hrithik is legit.

Watch the video here:

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