Just In: Delhiites Praises The Project As The Country’s Capital Gets Its First AC Bus Stop, Thanks To A Marketing Campaign

AP2TG Staff

While most of the Delhiites were dying under the burning Delhi heat, people at a bus stand on Ring Road in Lajpat Nagar are quite literally chilling. The temperature on Wednesday in the national capital Delhi was recorded 43°Celsius.

It is all because of a marketing campaign by an AC manufacturer. The bus stand on the Ring Road in Lajpat Nagar became the first in Delhi to be air-conditioned. The initiative, reported, was part of a marketing campaign by an AC manufacturer.

New Delhi: Boys covering their faces on a hot day near India Gate in New Delhi on Saturday. PTI Photo by Manvender Vashist (PTI5_23_2015_000120B)

The AC Manufacturer in collaboration with the Delhi government as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Delhi has just launched its first air-conditioned bus stand. Thanks to a marketing campaign by an AC manufacturer Daikin.

Soon, the social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook and much more are filled up with praises on the project. The initiative has earned ample praise and people lauding it as a timely project of the year as the national capital is reeling under the extreme heat and temperatures soar to 40-plus levels.

The Delhi summer is infamous for being extremely brutal and waiting for public transport really doesn’t help matters. The air-conditioned bus stop is covered with transparent plastic curtains with an AC installed inside secured with a chain.

According to a government official, the AC was installed by a Japanese multinational company in collaboration with a private agency that has advertisement rights on Delhi Transport Corporation’s bus stand. Advertisements for the company were also put up in the bus stand.

It is not clear for how long this initiative will continue but for now, the bus stand is a much-needed oasis in the concrete desert that is Delhi.

It is not something new as the Delhi bus stops had seen such installations in the past. Not the installation of AC but in December 2016, a telecommunication company installed air purifiers at several bus stops. The project came in when the city’s air pollution was usually high as farmers burn crops residue in surrounding states.

It seems that this idea is quite appreciative and such thoughts must be encouraged always. Hope, such air-conditioned bus stops might occur in all parts of the country where people are dying under the sun.