Video: Jurassic World Dinosaur Prank in Dubai – Public Reaction is Hilarious


How many of you have seen real Dinosaur. Here is a small Dinosaur Prank recorded by secret cameras in shopping mall and Theatres of Dubai.  The video of the prank was published on June 11 and has since received about 4,18,744 views (as of 10am, June 16). The prank is fairly simple – a fake dinosaur scares ‘unsuspecting’ cinemagoers in Dubai by suddenly appearing from behind a corner and lunging at them.


The prank sees a fake dinosaur terrifying customers in an unspecified Dubai cinema. Judging by the comments below the clip, the jury is very much out on whether the prank is actually funny, while a number of commenters also question the veracity of the victims’ reactions to a not-entirely-convincing dinosaur,

Comments received on Du’s YouTube channel show a split mandate – while some people find it funny, others seem to have expected a more realistic dino. The victims’ reactions to the dino seemed unnatural to some.

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